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Hanover Soccer Club, Inc. Constitution, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations

1. Hanover Soccer Club, Inc. (HSC) Constitution and By-Laws

2. HSC Conflict of Interest Policy

3. HSC Certificate of Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation

4. HSC Inc. 501(c) (3) Entity

a. IRS Confirmation 501(c) (3) Tax Exempt Status

b. NJ Initial Charitable Organization Registration Statement

c. NJ Notice of Charities Registration Number

5. HSC Travel Program Rules & Guidelines

a. HSC Guide to Red & Yellow Cards and Accumulated Disciplinary Points for

Players, Coaches, & Spectators

6. HSC Code of Conduct

a. HSC Legal Disclaimer for Player Website Registration – Travel

b. HSC Legal Disclaimer for Player Website Registration – In-Town

7. HSC Documents Required for Submission

a. NJYSA KidSafe Club Summary Form

b. NJYSA Concussion Club Summary Form

8. HSC Scholarship

a. Scholarship Procedures

b. Scholarship Criteria


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